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In a recent visit to Israel, Pocket Guide CEO David Rosenbaum has awarded select advertisers with an Exclusive Award Certificate.
Select business owners and service providers received a formal plaque, attesting to superior satisfaction reported by consumers since the 2018 Edition debut.   
Avrumi Davidovitz
Har Chevron Tour Guide,
Avrumi is a well sought-after tour guide that offers a fascinating and enthralling tour in Har Chevron and Susya. Be rivetted as you visit and learn all you’ve never known about these unique places.
Rabbi Genut
Heimish Shabbos Food
Heimish Shabbos food services the Chareidi consumer with an extensive tasty Shabbos menu, along with excellence in Kashrus.
Kosher Take Out Super Store,
Visit Goldy’s for a vast array of gourmet Shabbos dishes.
Their tantalizing display makes Goldy’s your one-stop-shop for everything you may need for the tastiest Shabbos meals!
Tzfas Mehadrin Badatz Restaurant
When visiting Northern Israel, Mendi’s is your #1 stop for a tasty meat meal, served in classic restaurant style, with the highest standards in Kashrus.

CEO of Waffle Bar
Dairy Kosher Restaurant
Waffle Bar Offers an upscale dining experience, with a vast dairy menu of delectable and savory dishes.
Lacasa Restaurant

Lacasa Retaurant offers a tasty selection of afternoon and evening meals,

that can be eaten in store, or packed up to be enjoyed in the comfort of your apartment.

Mama Mia Restaurant
Mama Mia Restaurant offers an upscale dairy menu of divine dishes to please every palette, for those who prefer a dining experience when traveling North.

Rabbi Yakov Turnheim
Licensed Tour Guide
Old City Jerusalem
Rabbi Yakov Turnheim is a licensed tour guide with over 25 years of experience. His extensive knowledge in Talmud and history, lends for an intriguing tour in the Old City.

Shalom Jeep Tours שלום אלקובי Licensed Jeeping Tour Guide

Shalom, a frum Jeeping tour guide, is well-sought after, for an exhilarating jeeping experience in Midbar Yehuda and more.

Smart Tour Segways
Smart tour takes you on a fascinating segway tour in the Old City, with an adventurous twist.

Mr. Sruli Nagel
Professional Driver and Trip Planner
Sruli Nagel is a highly acclaimed driver and trip planner, who specializes in touring throughout Israel.

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